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Richard Lewis Communications - When Cultures Collide

When Cultures Collide

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When Cultures Collide

A Major New Edition to the Global Guide to Cultures

In When Cultures Collide, Richard D. Lewis provides a truly global and practical guide to working and communicating across cultures, explaining how our own culture and language affect the ways in which we organise our world, think, feel and respond, before going on to suggest both general and specific ways of making our influence felt across the cultural divide.

There are penetrating insights into how different business cultures accord status, structure their organisations and view the role of the leader, alongside invaluable advice on global negotiation, sales and marketing. The book ranges from differences in etiquette and body language to new thinking in the area of international management and team-building in Europe and the USA, as well as covering challenging new geographical ground in Russia, China and the Far East.

By focusing on the cultural roots of national behaviour, both in society and business, we can foresee and calculate with a surprising degree of accuracy how others will react and respond to us. Lewis adds the often overlooked dimension of language – for example, how Japanese often react in a certain way because they are thinking in Japanese.

When Cultures Collide gives you a greater understanding of what makes other people tick and enables managers to ensure that their policies and activities exploit cultural synergies and make the right appeal to their chosen market.

"An authoritative roadmap to navigating the world's economy."
The Wall Street Journal

Author: Richard D. Lewis

Length: 600 pages

Weight: 1067 grams

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey International

ISBN: 978-1-904838-02-9


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