Keynote Speeches

Big corporate events are opportunities to get people aligned to new strategies, to work together more enthusiastically and effectively across borders, and feel part of a bigger group.

Of course, detailed presentations about figures, products and processes are the core of your meeting. But it is not easy to get the ‘wow’ factor from them that energises people, gets them talking and networking and gives a positive platform to build on for the rest of the conference.

Truly inspirational speakers are few and far between.

If you would like to know more about our high-impact speakers, please enquire here.

The theme of cross-culture is ideal for international events. We can adapt it to support your strategic messages about communication, teams, cross-cultural leadership and change.

Some client feedback

“Your presentation and endless effort to keep the audience attached to the topic did it!”

“Michael J. Gates was perfect!”

“Mr. Gates was the best: interesting topic and a calm, inspiring persona. I could’ve listened to him for days!”

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you very much for the wonderful presentation about communicating across different cultures that you gave us during our first Global Forum in Paris. It was honestly, the best presentation I have ever listened to. It was very educational as well as entertaining and spot-on.”

‘The multi-cultural workshop sessions were comparable to (those) offered at INSEAD, IMD, Columbia or Harvard’

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