Cultural Classification:  Linear-active

Linear-active people tend to be task-oriented, highly organised planners who complete action-chains by doing one thing at a time,  with a linear agenda. They prefer  direct discussion, sticking to facts and figures from reliable, written sources. Speech is for information exchange and they talk and listen in equal proportions. They are truthful rather than diplomatic and do not fear confrontation, sticking to logic rather than emotions. They partly conceal feelings and value a certain amount of privacy. They are results-oriented and like to move quickly forward, compromising when necessary to achieve a deal.


They believe good products make their own way and sometimes don’t see that sales are often based on relationships in other cultures. Linear-actives normally use official channels to pursue their aims; they do not have a strong inclination to use connections, take short cuts or to sway people through gifts and hospitality. They are normally law-abiding and have faith in rules and regulations to guide their conduct. They honour contracts and do not unduly delay payment for goods or services received.

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When doing business they are keen on punctual performance, good quality and reliable delivery dates. They dislike ma√Īana behaviour and over-loquacity. They are process-oriented, brief on the telephone and respond quickly to written communication. Status is gained through achievement, bosses are often low key, money is important. Rationalism and science dominate their thinking more than religion.

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Why were the colours blue, red and yellow chosen to represent the LMR categories?

 Blue  is a cool colour denoting calm factual planners, discreet but in control.  Red  signifies warmth, emotion, loquacity, perhaps passion. Yellow  indicates soothing harmony, sought by courteous, accommodating listeners.

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