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About Us


‘Culture’ was the most popular word of 2014 in Merriam Webster’s dictionary. For international organisations cultural interaction is a growing challenge – both internally and externally. Managed well, ¬†it can boost performance and competitiveness enormously.

CrossCulture, based around The Lewis Model of Culture,  helps you do better business through understanding your own and other cultures, developing the skills to bridge the gaps, and getting the best out of diversity.

We and our  world-wide licensed partners and trainers will use our decades of expertise to listen to your challenges and create customised training so you can meet the challenges of globalisation.

Imagine a future in which:

  • global teams are trusting, positive and productive
  • people really understand what has been agreed in meetings
  • leaders can act as cultural interpreters
  • you can negotiate more effectively with clients and internally across cultures
  • presentations result in action whether you make them in New York, Beijing or Bangalore
  • you use culture strategically to solve business problems
  • you benefit from the new cultures that join your organisation, as well as from your cultural roots¬†
  • your organisation is admired as a case-study¬†of how to compete successfully across borders


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We have already trained around 300 cross-cultural trainers in how to deliver workshops using the Lewis Model and CultureActive

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