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Culture Specific Seminars

We can prepare country or region-specific seminars for you from a database of over 100 different countries, including all major business cultures, all EU member states, and many of the countries that are emerging as interesting markets – such as the Central Eurasian states.

Simply let us know what your target countries and/or regions are, and we will develop a suitable programme for you. Some cultures, such as Asian ones, take more time if you are from the West, and vice versa. We can advise you on what is reasonable to cover during the time you have available.

We have regional experts amongst our general cross-cultural trainers. We also have a wide network of resource people who can give up-to-date input on the cultures you are interested in. They often work alongside our generalists and can even advise on practical details where the purpose of the training is expatriation.

Given preparation time, we can even source specialists on areas of highly specific interest – for instance people with inside knowledge of political attitudes to foreign investment in your target country, or with links to high-level contacts of use for your specific project.

All our programmes are based on an in-depth discussion with you, and this description is just an indication. If you would like to talk to us about your needs and get a detailed draft synopsis, please click here.

“Good communication, group activities and networking. Overall very good course, I will be recommending to more of my team.”

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