The course will introduce you to the Lewis Model and how to apply it as a trainer. It is suitable for you if you are

a) an experienced cross-cultural trainer looking for a practical model

b) a behavioural skills trainer wishing to introduce a cross-cultural element to your existing programmes

c) responsible for in-company training and interested to find out in depth about one approach to increasing cross-cultural competence within your organisation.


On the May course, as well as the usual use of the Cross-Cultural Dialogue Mat,¬†we will be introducing the new 360 team tool at CultureActive ( This enables you to see the gaps between your self-perception and your team’s perception of you in a highly visual and practical format. The 360 takes you beyond national stereotypes and self-assessment to data which can be used to deepen discussion and create tailored role plays to practise adaptation.

We will also look at how to create both culture-specific and culture-functional courses. For the latter, we will focus on negotiation and how the cross-cultural element is integrated into the Oxford Programme on Negotiation.


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