New course on cross-cultural leadership

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We are pleased to announce a new course on leadership specifically tailored for our Middle Eastern clients. For more information, please download the PDF:


Dates for the first course are Sunday 2 to Thursday 6 August 2015

Some interesting research on leadership in the UAE

The UAE is one of only two countries in the world, the other being Qatar, where over 60% of employed nationals need to be leaders if Emiratis are to run the country, according to a recent Oxford Strategic Consulting (Oxford) report discussed at a VIP Summit with Henley Business School in Dubai on May 11th.

Executives and strategic leaders across all sectors make up about 8% of any country’s workforce. Since the UAE has a workforce of approximately eight million workers, this means that about 640,000 Emiratis will be needed to fill executive and strategic leadership posts. There are only about one million Emiratis in UAE and if all of the UAE’s leaders, by the above definition, were Emirati, then about 64% of all Emiratis would be needed to fill these crucial roles.

Young Emiratis are most motivated by ‘helping the country’, found Oxford’s Maximising Emirati Talent report. In order to connect this key motivator with leadership development, government figures must stress that leadership is a strategic country goal. Moreover, Oxford has identified that a distinctive Emirati Leadership Style does exist and possesses particular advantages because of its focus on loyalty and family-based relationships.

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