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We are pleased to announce a new 360 degree tool at CultureActive, which will help deepen team understanding and improve performance.

Up to now, team profiles have been composed purely of people’s self-assessments. But now, all team members can compare how they viewed themselves with how they are seen by the rest of the team.

Perhaps you see yourself as direct but the team perceive you as indirect. Or you may believe you are impatient but the team view you as patient. Perhaps you are the team leader and the team see you very differently from how you see yourself.

To use the tool, you need to be a small team – up to a dozen members maximum – who already have enough experience of each other to be able to fill in profiles for your colleagues.

You don’t have to do the whole questionnaire for each of your colleagues, but a much shorter one. The first stage is for you all to vote on the most important topics for your team. The programme then creates questions based on the group’s priorities.

Please note that the 360 tool can only be used in conjunction with one of our trainers/coaches or if your company has internal trainers licensed by CrossCulture. And it can only be used if all team members agree to participate.

The trainer/coach will facilitate and mediate the discussion in a positive way to reach clear and simple action points for improving team interaction and results.

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