The Lewis Model specifies the spectrum of behaviours and preferences demonstrated by different cultural types

The Development Alchemists Ltd.

The Development Alchemists Ltd.

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Training, Facilitating & Coaching with The Development Alchemists Ltd

Welcome to the Development Alchemists Ltd; we are a training, facilitation and coaching company with experience in the private sector, public sector and international development, with offices in the UK, Italy and Botswana. We believe our contribution is to draw out the latent potential that exists within each person and organisation. Having worked for the United Nations, European Union and multinational companies such as Disney and Xerox, we have worked in more than 40 countries with 180 Nationalities.

We have the capacity to train and coach in English, French, Italian and have experience of working with professional interpretation and translation services in Spanish and Arabic.

Our catalogue comprises of:

  • Coaching people in preparation for cross-cultural work placement,
  • Team building for multi-cultural teams,
  • Management training and coaching for managers in multinational public and private sector organisations
  • Facilitation of multicultural events, workshops and conferences

Please access more information about us by filling out the below form. We aim to support your international prowess.



    November 3rd, 2015 | Michael Gates

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    ‘(In) twenty years I have never previously had an experience of such professionalism, expert competence and service orientation’

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