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Optimize your performance and cultural agility with CultureCatch

Marit Imeland Gjesme


CultureCatch provides support and development on three cultural levels, separately or combined to fit the complete client-tailored solution to any need. These focus areas of competence are:

  • Personal culture: a unique, science-based training concept about the individual “achievement engine” – drive for success and fear of failure – that will release optimal motivation strategies and performance
  • Organizational culture: securing building or changing a success-oriented, sustainable company culture, via solid values concept development and motivating implementation
  • National or regional cultures: training, counselling or coaching for increased knowledge, efficiency and success in all areas of international team building, interaction and business

 The methods provided are proven highly efficient for all kinds of performance oriented development and are equally relevant across industries.

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    November 3rd, 2015 | Michael Gates

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    “…some of the most dynamic, engaging teaching that I’ve experienced in the past 20 years… Owen Darbishire and Michael Gates have a lot of energy.” Julia Whitcavitch-DeVoy, Professor of Developmental Psychology, Boston College

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